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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers user-friendly software and services, providing a complete solution for your composite manufacturing needs.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions software

Essential to the success of your project, the Windows® interface provides ease-of-use for our proprietary software suite:

  • FPM© (Fiber Placement Manager) for planning, development, and simulation of your structure using automated fiber placement
  • FPS© (Fiber Placement Software) for automated machine control to fulfill the plan for your structure

This flexible software suite provides a consistent platform for a variety of our machines and, if necessary, can be customized to meet a customer’s specific needs.

FPM© works in conjunction with SolidWorks© to offer maximum user flexibility. The user may develop the part surface in SolidWorks© directly or import the surface geometry as an IGES, STEP, or other CAD translation. Third-party translators may also be implemented, depending on part complexity.

FPM© works with your SolidWorks© model to define custom boundaries for occlusions and pad-ups. Reference curves can be defined for custom ply orientations and steered bands. Process rates and off-part motion rates can be defined to best control the process for each particular structure and tool.

Many Trelleborg Sealing Solutions machines support more than one processing head. The same machine can process thermoset and thermoplastic materials by using separate processing heads. FPM© supports more than one head configuration for a single machine and easily supports multiple machines, each with multiple configurations. This allows the same plan for fiber placement on a tooling surface to work on multiple processing machines. The user needs only to choose the appropriate process head for a specific geometry.

With collision avoidance planning, the angle of the processing head can be automatically adjusted to avoid collisions. The actual path of the processing head on the tool can be simulated and viewed in advance of actual processing to compare the original and adjusted motions.

FPS© (Fiber Placement Software) provides a consistent user experience for a variety of our machines. Specific screens help with machine set-up and help prepare the work cell for each structure. If processing is interrupted due to material issues then FPS© can automatically calculate safe motions to restart processing at any particular band in a ply and even restart processing at a mid-position along a band. The process parameters and history of a particular part can be logged and saved in a convenient format such as Microsoft Excel.

All software is password and security protected per the client’s specific needs. Updates and upgrades are available with an annual service contract.