Surface Finishing & Flexcoat: Enhance Elastomer Seals Performance

Surface Finishing Improves Elastomer Seals Performance

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions recognizes that surface finishes significantly enhance the performance of elastomer seals and we devote considerable resources to identifying effective surface finishes for different applications.
These include the Flexcoat™ range of surface finishes that gives optimum friction characteristics, enhancing the performance of elastomer seals, especially in automated assembly operations. In addition, benefits are also provided when seals are fitted in plug fit and quick release couplings and allow elastomer seals, usually recommended for static applications, to be used in low speed and short stroke length dynamic situations.
In addition, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers the Flexclean™ service where seals are delivered to specific standards of cleanliness, both on the surface and internally. Flexclean™ has three standards of cleanliness: defined particulate cleanliness, freedom from paint wetting impairment substances and Class 5 cleanroom quality according to ISO 14644-1.