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Sealing Solutions for eMobility

Innovative technology powering future transportation

Mobility is a central topic of the future and one focus is on electromobility. Electric vehicles offer significant advantages over motor vehicles in terms of energy efficiency and emissions.

By 2030, electric cars are expected to see an unprecedented rise to make up 40% of the total global vehicle population, while 60% of bikes, 50% of motorcycles and 30% of the world’s buses will also be electrically powered.

At the same time, the concept of electric aircraft has been increasingly gaining in importance. The industry is already seeing a shift to “more electric aircraft” with the development of electric aerospace applications, such as electric hoists and electro-mechanical actuators. And a number of companies have dedicated team for the development of electric VTOLs and other fully electric aircraft.

Our Solutions

Trelleborg has developed sealing solutions for various methods of transportation. Our sealing experts partner with customers to design, manufacture and supply the optimum solution to meet application needs.