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Exploring oil and gas fields and tapping into more challenging sources means operating in increasingly harsh conditions. Trelleborg’s Sealing Solutions engineered solutions enhance equipment durability, safety and compatibility.

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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies innovative engineered sealing solutions for demanding oilfield applications in elastomer, thermoplastic, PTFE and composite technologies.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a broad range of sealing solutions for the oil & gas industry with specialized engineered solutions for a multitude of applications. This film features solutions for the swivel stack in detail and shows key sealing and bearing elements for an FPSOs turret, a rigs top drive unit, iron roughneck and production tensioner system along with solutions for Downhole tools, rotary steerable tools, subsea valves, connectors and ROVs. Also featured in the film is Trelleborg's unique SealWelding™ technology - it allows replacing damaged swivel stack seals in-situ.

Seals for FPSOs, oil & drilling rigs and subsea equipment for the oil & gas industry and the brand new SealWelding technology from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is featured in this video.