Cassette Seal CSL 1500 | Innovations | Trelleborg

Running Cooler and Longer

CSL 1500 is a unique innovative seal that incorporates opposing sprung lips and a stacked design to reduce friction and wear, extending seal life while improving contaminant exclusion and static sealing ability.

Originally designed for agricultural and construction equipment, the CSL 1500 has been vigorously tested in the laboratory and field to prove reliability. The seal has completed 3,000 hours of slurry and hot oil testing as well as over a year of grueling field service without leakage. Now being utilized in other application areas, the CSL 1500 applies innovative seal design to give greatly improved performance.
A stacked design gives more room to add components and permits a larger volume of grease, which serves as a barrier to contamination, while a new oil seal lip provides the superior sealing capabilities expected from a Trelleborg Sealing Solutions product. In addition, a new bonding method leaves a fine finish on the riding surfaces eliminating the need for grinding operations, and a metal case, requiring no crimping to keep it together, reduces manufacturing costs.
The CSL 1500 is designed as a modular system for customized design requests. If a high speed cassette seal for highway or railway applications is needed or improved dust protection over an oil seal is required, this system gives increased flexibility for the customer. The modular system means that we are not fixed to manufacturing in standard sizes or large quantities, opening the door to modifications which improve performance for specific applications and requirements.

Download the Cassette Seal CSL 1500 brochure here