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Helicopter flight control seals

Reliable seals are a must for modern helicopters, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Aerospace's tandem sealing systems offers both redundancy and dry rods for exceptionally long service between overhauls. Operating in severe weather and dusty conditions the sealing systems are well protected by effective excluders.

Turcon® VL Seal

Turcon® VL Seal

The combination of the Turcon® VL Seal and the Turcon® Excluder DC is a proven sealing solution for many helicopter MRA and TRA applications, as well as MRD and TRDs.
  • Unique back-pumping sealing system actively prevents external leakage
  • Well lubricated seals allow over 30,000 landings with one set of seals
  • Range of excluders and scrapers, suitable for most groove standards, effectively scrape water, ice and dirt
  • Market leading Turcon® PTFE materials
Orkot® Slydring

Orkot® Slydring

Polymeric composite bearings with a polyester base matrix and one or more layers of cloth for reinforcement.
  • “Soft” wear particles protect sealing system from damage
  • Load capacity exceeds traditional metal bearings
  • High tolerance to overloading (Shock loads)
  • Fully compatible with red oil types
  • Proven performance as LDG bearing (A320, A350)
Turcon® Plus Seal II

Turcon® Plus Seal II

The Turcon® Plus Seal is a low friction slipper seal with a proven track record.
  • Extremely long service life
  • Low friction
  • Micro-grooves for lubrication of seal surface
Turcon® Dual Piston Ring

Turcon® Dual Piston Ring

Turcon® Dual Piston Ring is widely used in pistons in MRAs and TRAs as a secondary seal providing backup sealing in emergencies.
  • Low Friction
  • Narrow groove
  • Ideally suited for use in tandem with a Slipper Seal due to the low, but controlled friction
Turcon® Excluder DC

Turcon® Excluder DC

Turcon® Excluder DC is a well proved double-acting excluder.
  • Unique design with an O-Ring energizer
  • Fits AS4716 glands
  • Works upstream as a secondary seal
  • Ice scraping capability