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Rubore® Cap Seal – How to Seal a Hole

Sergio Amorim, Team Leader Innovation Management

Cap Seal

Imagine having to mount a seal onto an aluminum cover. The seal is placed into the groove and then you try to push the last section into place and the other side pops back up. This can be a very time consuming and frustrating process.

Rubore® technology combines the steel or metal part with the rubber sealing component into one single piece. In addition to simplifying the manufacturing process, Rubore® two-in-one products are cost-effective and offer advantages in sealing performance.

In his lecture, Sergio Amorim discusses:

  • What are Rubore® seals and what we can do with them
  • Unique process meets innovative design – how Rubore® products are manufactured
  • Design and development of Rubore® Cap Seal 2.0
  • Application examples for Rubore® Cap Seals
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