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Artificial Intelligence

Applications in Daily Life, Industry & Sealing Technology

Webinar Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become pervasive in our daily lives. Mostly unnoticed and operating in the background, AI is affecting purchase decisions, consumer behavior and user perceptions. With an increasing digitalization of industrial activity, AI has established itself within production processes and original equipment and has created with it entirely new service requirements.

Key takeaways of the webinar include:

  • Basics of AI: essential techniques and applications in our daily lives
  • How AI is utilized in industrial applications and where further potential lies
  • AI considerations within sealing technology - functionality and end user applications

The speakers of the webinar:

  • Dr. Johannes Kunze von Bischhoffshausen, Manager Digital Transformation & IOT, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Responsible for a change towards intelligent products, services and manufacturing.
  • Dr. Niklas Kühl, Head of Applied AI Lab, KIT/IBM. A leading researcher at the interface between AI methods and their use within industry.