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Counter Surfaces  - Industrial Applications

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This webinar presents how you can optimize performance of your hydraulic systems. 

Learn why tribology is the key to optimizing sealing performance in any hydraulic system and which crucial role Lubrication Management plays in extending performance limits considerably.

This extended approach for the description of mating surfaces for dynamic seals takes into account the trend toward alternative coating processes with regard to the necessary substitution of chrome.

Our senior manager of the global technical management, Dr. Mandy Wilke, presents comprehensive test results that show how it’s possible to achieve more robustness with the right specification of counter surfaces, reduce wear, down time and maintenance costs. 

Dr. Mandy Wilke has been working for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions since 2012. Today, as Senior Manager Global Technical Management, she is responsible for the technical support for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Marketing Companies globally and coordinates development partnerships in close cooperation with our customers. 

Dr. Mandy Wilke