Customized Seal Packaging | Innovations | Trelleborg

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a variety of innovative packaging and kitting solutions to meet your needs. These solutions can save you money, support aftermarket sales, prevent part damage and eliminate secondary manufacturing operations.

Packaging solutions include:

Single / Bulk Bag & Tag
Single items or bulk items are packed in poly or paper bags. The customer's logo and additional information can be printed on the bag.

  • Easy to control production lots and batches
  • Can look like customer’s original packaging
  • No repackaging required before shipping to end customer

A collection of related seals in customized packaging.

  • Easy to add complimentary information, such as parts list, instructions or certification.
  • Ready to sell as ‘spare part/repair kits’
  • Can be shipped directly to OEM dealers and service centers without repackaging

Skin Top Packaging
For well protected and visibly packed seals. Individual items or kits are shrink wrapped to cardboard backing.

  • Customized layout with printed customer names and logos
  • Complimentary information, such as instructions, can be printed on to the cardboard
  • Easy to check for completeness

Blister Packing
A robust and cost-effective solution for seals which need special protection. Single items or batches are packed in transparent or black PET.

  • Robust, cost-effective and recyclable
  • Resists environmental conditions and mechanical damage
  • Easy to store, stack and use in automated environments