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Airframe Manufacturing Capabilities Webinar

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We present in our webinar “Airframe & Engine Manufacturing Capabilities“ Trelleborg’s capabilities in our manufacturing sites in China, UK and the US within the Aerospace Business-Unit.

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • Understand the breadth of capabilities across all sites available to our customer.
  • Demonstrations of these capabilities using a range of materials (incl Fabric, Composite, Metallic reinforcements)
  • Understand complexity and process involved in fabricating reinforced seals
  • See a range of tooling and curing processes
  • See a range of finishing options
  • See the impact of Design for Manufacture in cost of product without jeopardizing seal performance.
  • Have an understanding of pros and cons of various techniques including benefits to our customer as well as manufacturing
This recorded version of the Live Webinar of 29. July, 2020 is hosted from our airframe & engine seal operations experts Richard Furlong (Director Global Operations Airframe Seals) and Matt Keen (Product Manager Airframe Seals).