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Resources on seals and sealing technology

The Trelleborg Sealing Solutions technical library offers you a collection of webinars, whitepapers  and technical articles covering various topics in the world of seals and sealing technology.

Tech Talks

We've asked our sealing technology experts share their know-how. These lectures give you an in-depth look into the latest innovations in the industry.

High Speed Rotary Seals for Electric Drive Units

Learn how HiSpin® seals increase the performance of e-Axles

Rubore® Cap Seal – How to Seal a Hole

Find out more about our cost-effective composite sealing cap

Simulation of Stick Slip Effects

Explore the stick-slip effect, its prediction and how to prevent it

Slydring® Sealing System Performance

Maximum performance with Slydring® Sealing System performance

Predictive Maintenance

How IoT and its applications leverage smart products, services and manufacturing

Megatrends in the Sealing Industry

See how technology, digitalization and energy efficiency shape sealing solutions

E is Everywhere

Explore eMobility as technological & market related business driver for different segments

Service Plus

Simplify your workflow with a ‘total solution’ program from engineering to manufacturing

Plastic News

+++Performance, media resistance, low friction, reliability and lifetime extension+++

Rubber to Plastics

How compact designs and seal configurations facilitate assembly and handling

LSR Multicomponent Parts

Explore the joint manufacturing steps from prototyping to mass production


Our webinars provide an educational resource on topics relevant to sealing technology and engineered products and applications. They cover practical, targeted topics taught by experts in their field.

Advanced Composites in Electric Systems

Key takeaways of the webinar include:
  • How thermoplastic composites improve the efficiency and performance of electrical systems
  • Why Automated Fiber Placement of Thermoplastic Composites is an ideal manufacturing process for composite structures
  • How Thermoplastic Composites outperform traditional thermoset composites and metallic structures
  • Why these composites are well-suited for use as electrical insulators and EMI shielding

Artificial Intelligence - Applications in Daily Life, Industry & Sealing Technology

Key takeaways of the webinar include:
  • Basics of AI: essential techniques and applications in our daily lives
  • How AI is utilized in industrial applications and where further potential lies
  • AI considerations within sealing technology - functionality and end user applications

Künstliche Intelligenz – Anwendungen aus Alltag, Industrie und Dichtungstechnik

Themenschwerpunkte im Webinar:
  • Grundlagen von künstlicher Intelligenz: Grundlegende Verfahren und Anwendungen im Alltag
  • Wie wird künstliche Intelligenz in den verschiedenen Industriebranchen eingesetzt und wo gibt es Potential?
  • Künstliche Intelligenz in der Dichtungstechnik: Funktionsweise und Möglichkeiten für Kundenanwendungen 
Airframe Manufacturing Capabilities

We present an overview of all three airframe manufacturing sites within Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Aerospace incl. the range of seals and brief review of their application and a look how each part is made.

Ultra High Temp Seal – Sealing Next Generation Aircraft and Engines

The Ultra High Temp (UHT) Seal, has been designed and tested to operate at next generation aircraft and engine temperatures.

Applying advanced extrusion technologies for medical device design

This webinar presents case studies how you can benefit your medical device. 

Learn more about the value of silicone polymers for medical devices and get a better understanding of the trends. Explore possibilities to reduce total cost of ownership, while improving part quality.

Counter Surfaces - Aerospace Applications

This webinar presents how you can optimize performance of your hydraulic systems. 

Learn why tribology is the key to optimizing sealing performance in any hydraulic system and which crucial role Lubrication Management plays in extending performance limits considerably.

Counter Surfaces – Industrial Applications

This webinar presents how you can optimize performance of your hydraulic systems. 

Learn why tribology is the key to optimizing sealing performance in any hydraulic system and which crucial role Lubrication Management plays in extending performance limits considerably.

Lubrication Management English

This webinar takes an in-depth look at Lubrication Management technology and how it can optimize the performance of hydraulic sealing systems. 
Lubrication Management Italian

Questo webinar approfondisce la Tecnologia “Lubrication Management” e mostra come essa può ottimizzare la performance dei Sistemi di Tenuta Idraulici.
Lubrication Management German

Dieses Webinar befasst sich eingehend mit der Lubrication Management Technologie sowie der Optimierung der Leistungsfähigkeit hydraulischer Dichtungssysteme.

Cassette Seals Webinar & Transcript

This webinar features a unique cassette seal design for challenging environments.


In-depth reports on innovative sealing technology developments
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions experts provide an in-depth look at new technology developments related to sealing technology and engineered products.
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Eine Einführung in das Thema Lubrication Management
(Language: German)

Dieses White Paper soll einen Überblick zum Thema Lubrication Management mit dem Blick auf heutige Dichtungslösungen geben. Es stützt sich auf das Fachwissen sowohl innerhalb von Trelleborg Sealing Solutions als auch in der Hydraulik, um einen neuen Ansatz in der Tribologie von Dichtsystemen zu zeigen.

Ein Punkt, an dem Sie sich in der Welt der Tribologie, also dem Zusammenspiel von Dichtung, Gegenlauffläche und Schmiermedium mit einem größeren Wissen und einer besseren Grundlage auseinandersetzen können - von ihrer Geschichte und Entwicklung bis hin zu den neuesten Lösungen und Ansätzen aus dem Hause Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

An Introduction to Lubrication Management
(Language: English)

This white paper is designed to be a useful overview of lubrication management through the lens of sealing solutions. It draws on the expertise both within Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and in the wider industry to provide a ‘jumping-off point’ in tribology. A point at which you can deal in the world of sealing and lubrication with a greater knowledge and grounding – from its history and development to the latest solutions and approaches.

An Introduction to Counter Surfaces

Maximize the lifetime of your hydraulic systems now! 
A new approach is required for the definition of counter surfaces to ensure effective sealing in dynamic applications where chrome plating is replaced by alternative coatings.

The lubrication within the hydraulic system is fundamentally affected by the surface finish of the mating surfaces. Their characteristics will determine the lubrication within the system and therefore the tribological environment.

Eine Einführung in das Thema Gegenlaufflächen

(Language: German)

Maximieren Sie jetzt die Lebensdauer Ihrer Hydrauliksysteme!

Für die Definition von Gegenlaufflächen ist ein neuer Ansatz erforderlich, um eine effektive Dichtwirkung in dynamischen Anwendungen zu gewährleisten, bei denen Verchromungen durch alternative Beschichtungen ersetzt werden.

Die Schmierung innerhalb des Hydrauliksystems wird grundlegend durch die Oberflächenbeschaffenheit der Gegenlaufflächen beeinflusst. Ihre Eigenschaften bestimmen die Schmierung innerhalb des Systems und damit die Tribologie im Dichtsystem.

LSR Technology Accelerating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection molding techonology lends itself to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) products. This whitepaper compares the main materials for sealing, damping and protection purposes and then focuses on the LSR benefits and processes.

Flüssigsilikontechnologie (LSR) für smarte Fahrassistenzsysteme
(Language: German)

Flüssigsilikon (LSR) Spritzguss ist eine geeignete Technologie für ADAS-Komponenten. Dieses Whitepaper vergleicht die wichtigsten Materialien und fokussiert sich dabei auf die Vorteile von LSR, sowohl material- wie auch prozesstechnisch.

Fighting Hospital Acquired Infection

  • Applying antibiotic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) coatings to silicone catheters by spraying or dipping
  • Addition of antibiotic APIs to raw silicone
  • Impregnation of vulcanized silicone with antibiotic API through immersion

This whitepaper outlines these three techniques and presents test results proving the effectiveness of the immersion impregnation method in combining an API with silicone tubing to prevent catheter-associated infections.

Supporting the Advancement of Drug-Eluting Devices

Drug device combination products (defined as medical devices integrated with drugs) can be produced in and by a variety of materials and processes. Silicone is one of the most successful materials used for combination products, particularly for implantable products and is the focus of this whitepaper.
Testing of HFC Fluids on Common Seal Materials in High Temperature Applications

As the oil and gas industry moves to recover more challenging reserves and enters the development of High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) fields, the risk of fire is increasing. There is therefore a move to the use of water-based hydraulic fluids, which present significant sealing challenges. This whitepaper takes an in-depth look at sealing materials and testing in HPHT environments.
Stick-Slip Solution - The importance of damper integration in dynamic sealing

In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at the problem of stick-slip and how dampers can combat or otherwise minimize it. It must be noted that, academically, there exists very little consensus as to the underlying principles of stick-slip – so, this paper will take a practical perspective, addressing how engineers can use dampers to reduce resultant noise and vibration; once again mastering the force of friction.

Technical Articles

Product change without aroma carryover (Language: German)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has partnered with Krones, a specialist in beverage bottling, to analyze the reasons behind unintentional flavor carryover during the filling process. The companies found elastomer sealing components to be a relevant factor in aroma carryover and that the selection of the optimum sealing material is crucial in preventing the transfer of flavors from one filling process to the next.

Why having a skilled injection molding partner matters

A holistic approach enables a molder to guide medical device manufacturers from prototype to production

Higher, Faster, Longer

As airplane designs focus on flying at higher altitudes and speeds for longer periods, the many hydraulic systems onboard must adapt. Today's conditions can include temperatures above 600°F (315,5°C), temperatures as low as -65°F (-54°C), and pressures up to 5,000 psi (345 bar)

When one is better than many

By Ursula Nollenberger; Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

As medical devices become ever more sophisticated and smaller in size, the challenge for the component manufacturer is how to fit multiple functions into a limited space. Multi-component LSR technology offers a solution to this, that in addition, provides designers with the latitude and flexibility to enhance their applications.

Charging into the future

By Harlan Hart, technical manager, e-mobility, Trelleborg SealingSolutions.

Recognising that a specialised sealing solution was needed for e-Mobility applications, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed two new seals that could help noticeably extend the distance travelled by electric vehicles between charges, as Harlan Hart, technical manager, e-Mobility, explains



Boosting performance in hydraulic systems with alternative coatings

By Beth Figliulo and Michael Cook, Trelleborg SealingSolutions.

Taking a holistic approach to sealing solutions in hydraulic systems using chrome alternatives helps engineers achieve optimum function.



From Deformation to Calibration: Installing O-Ring Energized Piston and Rod Seals

By Beth Figliulo and Michael Cook, Trelleborg SealingSolutions.

Avoid seal installation issues that lead to leaks and lost productivity.



Polymer-Based bearings in Food and Beverage applications

By David Kaley — Trelleborg Sealing Solutions; Edited by Mike Santora

With stainless steel and other metals so predominant in industrial food manufacturing equipment, it may seem unusual to suggest a more significant role for plastic wear rings and bearings. But for a broad range of food production and transportation machines, advanced polymers are an effective way to reduce friction and handle load instead of traditional metal bearings.

Understanding Key Processes for Mixing APIs with Silicone

By Anrew Gaillard, Healthcare & Medical Segment Manager, Trelleborg SealingSolutions.

The pros and cons of drug delivery and device enhancement.

With its stability and biocompatible properties, silicone is leading the way to a new generation of drug delivery products and enhanced medical devices that will profoundly improve patient care.

Looking Beyond Chemical Compatibility Charts: Matching Plastic and Elastomer Seals with Fluids

By Lucy Heyduk and Tim McCulfor, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Chemical compatibility charts are often used as a quick and concise way to match the proper fluid with a seal. However, there is much more to consider with the chemical compatibility of a seal in relation to the fluids in a system.  This information is critical to gaining a reliable and long-lasting seal — and the selection process can be daunting. 


High Modulus Plastics Can Play a Key Role in Off-Highway Vehicles

By Tom Zozokos, Product Line Director, and Beth Figliulo, Fluid Power Segment Manager Americas, Trelleborg SealingSolutions.

Co-injection molding is one technology of interest for those designing hydraulic systems for o!-highway use. This allows two polymers to be combined in a single operation to create multiple functions in onecomponent. A good example is an elastomeric material that acts as a seal and a scraper combined with a stronger thermoplastic material that acts as a bushing or guide ring. This component would be anideal molded rod end in a hydraulic cylinder used in the excavator bucket of an o!-highway vehicle, for instance.


Reducing Risk with Geometric Transition Extrusion

By Dan Sanchez, Product Manager at Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical

In an effort to design smaller, more intricate and complicated medical devices without running afoul of increasingly stringent national and international regulations, many designers are looking to geometric transition extrusions manufactured of high consistency rubber (HCR) silicone. This process reduces total cost of ownership for the original equipment manufacturer while improving part quality and greatly enhancing the types of devices being sought by healthcare medproviders.

Composite Simulation Grows MORE ROBUST

By Kenneth Wong

THE TRANSITION FROM METAL to composite is one of the most recent significant changes in manufacturing.
The former material is isotropic, exhibiting uniform stretching and bending behavior in all directions. By contrast,composites are anisotropic. They stretch, bend and break differently in different directions, based on how the fibers are woven together and how the laminates are bonded. This fundamental difference throws many traditional simulation protocols and practices into chaos.


5 medical tubing manufacturing processes to achieve complex geometries

By Dan Sanchez, Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical

Medtech companies have demanded increasingly complex geometries in medical tubing. Here’s a rundown of five manufacturing processes that could help them get there.


Central Tire Inflation Sealing Systems

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed a unique engineered seal– specifically for use within Central Tire Inflation systems. Turcon® Roto L is the first ever active seal, engineered to only provide sealing when required. Eliminating friction and torque, this extends the seal life of axle systems and can significantly reduce fuel consumption for vehicle operators.

Low Friction Sealing for Long Life Hydraulic Cylinder Applications

Modern machinery, equipment and motors fitted with hydraulic cylinders are becoming more powerful, which means that the hydraulic systems therein are increasingly subject to higher operating pressures and temperatures.

When Electric Vehicles Take Over

By Jeff Kerns, published in "Machine Design Magazine" August 2019

Are supply chains, materials, and drivability of EVs helping or hurting?

Reduce Vibration and Avoid Stiction in Seals
By Holger Jordan, fluid power segment
manager, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions 

Stick-slip is not always a big issue, but sometimes it can significantly
degrade performance. Potentially, it can cause damage, such as cracks in
steel work and strength loss, and even health problems for operators.

We look at solutions to combat
stick-slip to lower vibration as well as to create damping solutions.

Matching Seals to Dynamic Sealing Applications

By Beth Figliulo, published in "Hydraulics & Pneumatics", Dec. 2018

Understanding a seal's function isn't difficult - it keeps fluids in and contaminants out. Understanding how to get this done most effectively in a specific situation is an entirely different matter.

Fight friction and reduce costs with lubrication management

By Beth Figliulo and Michael Cook, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas, August 2019

Reduction in compression set behavior with new hydraulic sealing systems reduces friction and creates a better environment for seals.

New Seals Reduce Friction for Electric Vehicle Adoption

By Harlan Hart, Technical Manager, e-Mobility for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, published in "Machine Design Magazine" August 2019

Increasing electric vehicles driving range is more than just a matter of batteries and motors.

Getting the sealing system team right
published in "Hydraulics & Pneumatics"

Effective sealing in today’s demanding hydraulic applications requires seals and lubricant to work together. Holger Jordan, segment manager fluid power Europe for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, outlines how ‘Lubrication Management’ is helping make this happen.

3 Areas of Innovation for Combination Medical Products

By Andrew Gaillard, Global Director and Jonathan Russell, Engineering Manager, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Healthcare & Medical, published in "Medical Design Briefs" September 2019

Trelleborg is a full-service supplier of finished medical devices involving silicone-API processing, assembly of sensor and insertion device, ready-to-use package and sterilization.

Trelleborg Seals help keep food and beverage industry clean

By David Kaley, published in "Rubber & Plastics News", September 2019

One of the most important aspects for the food and beverage industry is sterility. Preventing cross-contamination on the plant floor is crucial. Any company creating pieces of equipment needs to adhere to the industry's strict regulations.


How water glycol fluids affect common seal materials - Comprehensive testing revealed temperature-related issues.

As the oil and gas industry evolves, sealing materials are required to work effectively in more challenging environments. This article details the effects of exposure to water-based hydraulic fluids and High-Pressure/High-Temperature (HPHT) fields on common sealing materials.
Simple O-ring rises to new levels

By Ursula Nollenberger and Jarno Burkhardt published in "TODAY'S MEDICAL DEVELOPMENTS"

O-Rings are the most popular seals used by design engineers due to their basic geometry and almost universal use. Read this article to learn more about how liquid silicone rubber (LSR) O-Rings are used for healthcare and medical applications.

Smart catheter system: A new bladder control management solution

By Michelle Jacobson, published in Today's Medical Developments Magazine, July 2019

With component sourcing and supply chain management support from Trelleborg, Spinal Singularity developed the Connected Catheter to offer improved quality for users.

Trelleborg's tensioner cylinder seals exceed 20-year lifecycle rating

By Mary Gannon, June 2019

Seals used in offshore rig tensioner cylinders must meet the same rigorous lifecycles as the cylinders themselves. Because offshore environments are harsh and installation and maintenance can be difficult, tensioner cylinders must have a 20-year life. That was why, more than 20 years ago, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions conducted research, determining that its seals could last this necessary lifecycle.


Trelleborg's 2K technology enhances options for medical device  manufacturers

By Ursula Nollenberger, published in "Rubber & Plastics News", May 2019

When it comes to the safety and efficiency of medical devices, lives could literally be on the line.

Whether it's a wearable pump for insulin or implantable delivery devices, proper dose regulation and biocompatibility are crucial.


The Power of Combination Medical Products

By Mark Gordon and Andrew Gaillard; published in "MDT-Medical Design Technology", March 2019

As the medical device and pharmaceutical worlds continue to converge, extraordinary product designs are becoming reality

Beyond Ra

By Michael Cook and Kelly Volpenhein; Published in "Fluidpower Journal", February 2019

Why Surface Finish Matters in Seal Performance
Rubber Plastics XploR
Trelleborg introduces XploR S-Seal

By Eric Bucci, published in "Rubber & Plastics News", May 2019

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions recently launched XploR S-Seal and XploR FSSeal, extrusion-resistant elastomers the company developed for demanding high temperature and high-pressure sealing environments in the oil and gas industry.

Advancements in Double-Acting Rotary Seals Prove More Effective

By Beth Figliulo, Fluid power segment manager, published in "Electronic Component News", Dec. 2018

How specialized Rotary Seals are alleviating fluid power pressure build-up for high-speed, high-pressure applications

How you can keep Bacteria from colonizing Silicone

Published in "MDO", Nov. 2018

Three production techniques can reduce the colonization of bacteria on devices made of silicone for placement inside the body. Tests have shown that the newest method shows promise.
Chemical Compatibility: Maching Fluids with Seal Components

Published on "ChemInfo", May 2018

The chemical compatibility of a seal with the fluids in a system is critical to obtaining a reliable, long-lasting seal. Here are some considerations for choosing the right material for a given chemical sealing application.
Shortening the Design Process through FEA (Pt 2)

New developments in sealing technology require the use of advanced design techniques, and a complete solution requires pre-processing, solution and post-processing for effective nonlinear Finite Element Analysis.

Shortening the Design Process through FEA (Pt 1)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software is used to create computer-generated models of materials or design components. These are then subjected virtually to mechanical, thermal or other stresses so that engineers can predict material and product performance.

Biolubricants & Seals: Users and their providers need to pay attention to fluid compatibilities
By Joe Savina, published in "Processing Solutions"

Biolubricant use is on the rise as companies look for more sustainable ways of doing business. Read this article to find out more about the special design considerations required due to how these lubricants may react to equipment components and seal materials.
Microneedle Patches: Design for Superior Drug Delivery

By Luis Tissone, published in Medical Design Technology

Transdermal drug delivery systems have several benefits over traditional methods. Read this article for more information on how liquid silicone rubber can be successfully transformed into microneedle patches designed for this particular use.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions helps develop revolutionary subsea product

When faced with the challenge of helping to create a product to boost safety and efficiency for offshore engagement, Trelleborg went above and beyond in developing a complete sealing solution to help its partner "revolutionise" the oil industry.

Materials for Maximum Wear Ring Performance

Published in "Flow Control", May 2018

Read how Wear Rings can extend the life of a hydraulic system
High-Temperature Polyurethane Sealing Material

Polyurethane (PU) materials offer outstanding wear, extrusion and abrasion resistance with good elasticity and low compression set.

Smart Engineering Solutions for Smart Appliances with LSR Processing

By Ursula Nollenberger, published in "appliance DESIGN"

The global household appliances industry is seeing a steady influx of technologically advanced appliances that deliver innovative, smart features to save the user time and make life more comfortable. This article demonstrates the role custom-engineered LSR parts have in this segment.
LSR Processing Technology: Shaking up leading industries

Published in "DesignSolutions"
The technical possibilities with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) are endless and can be applied to numerous fields. This article demonstrates how LSR and two-component (or two-shot) injection molding technology can be used across a range of industries to produce innovative solutions.
Motorsport Design Considerations for Rotary Shaft Seals


Motorsport has long been viewed as a test bed for new technology and product development for road vehicles. The tremendous stresses of race track testing can make it especially easy to understand how components have to be evaluated and re-engineered to work with the automotive industry’s constantly evolving passenger car systems and components.

Engineered Solutions for Smart Appliances with LSR Processing

The Research and Markets Institute ( projects the global household appliances industry to reach an estimated value of US$ 324.2 billion by 2019. Amongst the major drivers are growing affluence of the middle-class population in emerging markets, higher disposable incomes, and more per capita spent on lifestyle products in increasingly urbanized environments.

LSR for Added Value Industrial Applications

With global engineering and production facilities, state of-the-art cleanrooms and advanced automated processes, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions already offers its medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical customers specialized custom molded solutions that enhance their product offerings.

Matching Elastomer Seals to Biofuel Applications

As the world attempts to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, biofuels are now a reality.  Brazil and the U.S. were early adopters of this alternative fuel for transportation but now its use is expanding in Europe, with Germany, France and Spain leading the way.

Ultra Low Temperature RGD Resistant FFKM Material

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) elastomers offer exceptional thermal stability, outstanding long-term compression set and almost universal chemical compatibility – delivering long life in the most aggressive of media, including hydrocarbon and aqueous media, common within oilfield applications.