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Airframe Seals
This is a broad family of products, individually developed andmanufactured for unique applications. In general, these seals arestatic and offer low friction and good abrasion resistancecharacteristics.They are typically used for the aerodynamic sealing of doors,windows, ailerons, spoilers, canopies, hatches and panels. Airframe seals are typically bonded into place and can be madeconductive. They can also be strategically reinforced, to offer theload and deformation properties required for variable workingconditions. An FEA (Finite Element Analysis) service is availableto assist in design of this seal type.

Technical Details

  • Reciprocating
  • Oscillating
  • Rotary
  • Helix
  • Static
  • Single acting
  • Double acting

PDF Catalogs

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