HiSpin® Seals for eMobility - Boosts Next-Generation E-axle Sealing

HiSpin® for eMobility

Boost your ride with next-generation e-axle sealing now

Electric vehicles are growing rapidly in popularity and are predicted to make up 40% of the total vehicle population by 2030. This though depends on the existence of viable technology extending the range of travel from one battery charge. One specific focus area is increasing the efficiency of e-axle technology. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions engineers have designed our new HiSpin® seals, new high-speed rotary seals to enhance next-generation e-axles.

Sealing technology for e-axles

E-axles, a major technology in electric vehicles, which combines the electric motor and gearbox in a single unit, present a variety of sealing requirements:

  • Conflicting conditions within the e-axle: the combination of the electric motor and gearbox in a shared housing requires a highly reliable sealing solution, since the gearbox requires sufficient lubrication during operation, while the motor must remain dry.
  • Extreme rotation speeds: electric transmissions currently run at 15,000 to 16,000 RPM (four to eight times faster than gasoline engines) and this rate is likely to double in the future.
  • Limited use of lubrication: with little or no lubrication, seals are subject to high frictional forces and stick-slip, which potentially cause wear and shortening of seal life, ultimately lowering the travelling range.
  • Seal material compatibility: a diverse range of lubricants are used in the electric drive system; seal materials must be compatible with and operate effectively in the media involved.

New rotary seals developed for eMobility

Two new, high-velocity rotary seals have been developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions product development engineers to meet electric car manufacturer demands.  The HiSpin®  PDR RT and the HiSpin® HS40 seals make a significant step in overcoming issues related to sealing in extreme conditions at high rotary speeds. This next-generation sealing technology enables electric cars to meet the ultimate goal of travelling the same distance as a gasoline vehicle on one charge.


The HiSpin® Family

HiSpin® HS40

HiSpin® HS40

High speed elastomer rotary seal that meets demanding temperature requirements of eMobility applications offering energy efficient sealing and extended lifetime performance

HiSpin® PDR RT

HiSpin® PDR RT

Ultra-high-speed PTFE rotary seal tested under extreme conditions to ensure sealing efficiency in eMobility applications

HiSpin® for eMobility Video - Click on the image to get the full story behind.... 

HiSpin® PDR RT and the HiSpin® HS40 seals are featured in this video. They make a significant step in overcoming issues related to sealing in extreme conditions at high rotary speeds.