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Proven Results

Our proven track record in the manufacturing of advanced composites and development of processing equipment (AFP) have allowed Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to enter new and exciting markets. Our clients come from many industries, but they all seek the ability to design and innovate where environmental challenges, weight, and reliability are crucial. These benefits of composites are aligned with many industrial applications, and our experience with fiber-placement will enable you to realize stronger, lighter solutions.

Endless Possibilities

Specific examples span flywheels, structural supports, drive shafts, floor paneling, and other fiber-placed composite structures.

With today’s growing emphasis on recyclability, weight, and reliability comes a demand for high-speed automated composite manufacturing. Our fiber-placement technologies are exceptionally well-suited for this environment.

We work closely with every client to understand their needs and create solutions specifically engineered to improve performance and reliability in the field. Through our engineering consulting, part production, and customized automation equipment, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will develop a solution that meets your unique needs.