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Technical Proposals Online

Technical Proposals Online (TPO) is a tool designed to enhance the cooperation between our Trelleborg Sealing Solutions engineers and you, our customer. This is what the TPO offers you:

  • A proposed sealing solution for your application, complete with application and product images
  • A full range of technical data regarding products, materials and installation information
  • Improved dialog between you and our sealing specialists with a consistent proposal format
  • A central storage and management portal for all your technical proposals
  • Global, around the clock access

Access TPO here
To access your proposals in the TPO, please log in.

To learn more about the TPO, please contact your local Trelleborg Sealing Solutions marketing company.

Any measurements, values and/or dimensions obtained through the TPO are guidelines and as such are intended for orientation purposes only with the sole function to ease the selection of possible Trelleborg Sealing Solutions products that may be suitable for the use in a particular application.

Any Trelleborg Sealing Solutions products ascertained as a result of using data obtained through the TPO for use in a specific application must be assayed by the TPO end user, customer and/or purchaser through the appropriate test methods in order to ensure product suitability.

All images used are for illustrative purposes only. The 2D and 3D compilation images are intended to give a general indication of the proposed solution only. Individual features such as gaps, distances, seal and groove dimensions and seal colors may vary from practice.