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Airframe Manufacturing Capabilities Webinar

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This is a recorded version of the Live Webinar of 12th October 2018 which takes an in-depth look at Lubrication Management technology. Join Dr. Mandy Wilke, Technical Manager Fluid Power Europe, to find out more about the benefits Lubrication Management can give to your application.

Enter this Webinar to learn:

  • How and why hydraulic sealing systems have developed over time into the state-of-the-art systems we use today
  • The concept and principles of Lubrication Management technology
  • About the tests that have been performed to prove the effectiveness of Lubrication Management technology

  • Dr. Mandy Wilke joined Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in 2012. Upon completion of her degree in mechanical engineering, she specialized in the field of elastomer rotary seals. In her role as Technology Specialist Fluid Power Europe, Mandy supports our European sales engineers in developing the best hydraulic sealing solutions to meet the customers’ needs. Simultaneously, she leads the Global Surface Competence Team.