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An Introduction to Lubrication Management

All elements of a sealing system must work together as a team

Performance. Efficiency. Longevity. These are the things that matter in engineering. Lubrication management is the latest step along the way to improving the performance of the machines that make the world turn.

This white paper is not an in-depth encyclopedia of sealing and lubrication management. Rather, it is a primer: a useful overview of lubrication management through the lens of sealing solutions.

It draws on the expertise both within Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and in the wider industry to provide a ‘jumping-off point’ in tribology. A point at which you can deal in the world of sealing and lubrication with a greater knowledge and grounding – from its history and development to the latest solutions and approaches. Its aim is to provide you with a deeper understanding of how a team approach delivers performance, efficiency, longevity, and a smooth-running operation.

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