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Sealing Solutions for E-Bikes & Bicycles

Ensuring optimum performance

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is the leading supplier of advanced sealing solutions to high tech bicycle and e-bike manufacturers and their component suppliers. We are able to match the technological demands of high-end models with innovative sealing solutions that optimize the performance of the latest bicycle and e-bike designs.

Seals for e-Bikes

The e-bike market is seeing record growth globally and e-bikes are beginning to outsell traditional bicycles in some countries. As the e-bike market continues to grow, demands are evolving:

  • Lighter weight e-bikes
  • Smaller e-bike motors integrated into the frame
  • Extended battery life and innovative charging options
  • Wider range of styles, from e-MTB to e-cargo bike

As e-bikes and e-bike technology evolve to meet changing demands, seals and sealing solutions must adapt to the new technology. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions partners with e-bike manufacturers and component suppliers to design, produce and supply innovative sealing solutions for e-bike applications.

Seals perform a number of critical functions in e-bikes. In particular, seals must ensure electronic devices remain free of moisture and debris. Sealing solutions must be weather resistant and offer long service life.

Seals are required in a range of e-bike applications:

  • Battery
  • Sensor
  • Drive system
  • Hub dynamo
  • Electronic Derailleur
  • On-board computer

Application Spotlight: E-Mountain bike motor

e-Bike motors are becoming smaller, lighter and more efficient. Seals must ensure e-Bike motors meet IPXX requirements by preventing the ingress of moisture and debris.


Bicycle Sealing

A surprising number of seals and seal configurations are used on today’s technologically advanced bicycles. Each seal has a vital function in ensuring user safety, cycle performance and a comfortable ride.


Seals for the brake actuator lever.

Products: Zurcon® U-Cup, Zurcon® L-Cup

Seat Post

Complex sealing configurations ensure the effectiveness of the air spring damping system.

Products: Quad-Ring®, Zurcon® U-Cup, Zurcon® L-Cup, Slydring®, Wiper

Disc Brake

Safety critical seals assist piston movement.

Products: Kantseal, bonded seal

Wheel Hub System

Seals prevent ingress of external media into the wheel hub bearing.

Products: V-Ring®, custom molded parts

Seals for Bottom Bracket

Seals protect the bearing in the bottom bracket from ingress of external media.

Products: V-Ring®, custom molded parts


Seals keep lubricant within the pedal.

Products: Quad-Ring®, O-Ring

Application Spotlight

Front Fork

The majority of bicycles manufactured today are fitted with suspension that suspends the rider and all or part of the bike to protect them from the roughness of the terrain over which they travel. The front fork is part of the suspension and includes a damping and air spring system. Sealing within the front fork has an overall goal of maximizing the suspension system's life while preventing leakage of lubricant.

Rear Shock Absorber

Rear shock absorbers are often used in conjunction with front suspension on high technology bikes to improve the user's ride. Shock absorbers usually consist of two parts, a spring and a damper. The spring can be made with a steel or titanium coil, an elastomer, or in more advance models is activated with compressed air. The air spring has the distinct advantage of being lighter in weight while giving optimized performance tailored to the rider’s requirements. Sealing within the rear shock absorber has an overall goal of enabling rider comfort even in the most demanding conditions.