Design Support - Optimum Solution for Critical Semiconductor Applications

Design Support

Developing the optimum solution for critical semiconductor applications

Our semiconductor experts partner with customers to design and test products to meet application requirements. The priority is to help you specify the optimum solution for your application requirements, whether through our specially adapted Finite Element Analysis (FEA), failure analysis or comprehensive product testing.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder to assist you by:
  • Supporting in the concept stage when design is undefined, including testing of multiple designs and materials
  • Delivering prototypes quickly when time is most critical 
  • Testing products to reduce risk before customer validation
  • Improving Design for Manufacturability (DFM) to shorten time to market, improve future production yield and decrease risk to future delivery 
  • Nurturing development of new or advanced technologies that yield greater returns 
  • Supporting flexibility in project scope based on product design testing

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