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Selecting the right blend of renewable technologies to invest in is key to achieving true sustainability. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions enable efficiency of energy generation. 

Hydro Power

A key component in any Hydro Power application is the bearing. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings for the Hydro Power market.

Wind Power

Adapting established solutions means Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has provided parts for wind turbines since the technology began. The company is now the leading seal supplier to the market, and the majority of leading players are its customers.

Today's wind turbines are high-technology precision machines, digital and computerized to maximize the wattage from every gust of wind. An average size, two-megawatt-wind turbine can generate enough electricity to supply about 1,000 households. An operational expectancy of 98 percent over a working life of 20 years, 24/7, makes for an extremely dynamic environment where reliability is paramount.

Seals for wind turbines need to provide low friction, long life, zero leakage and easy installation, with maximized meantime between maintenance being a key requirement. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions contributes to effective operation of hydraulics, our products withstand rigors on land and offshore installations. Seals are designed and tested to withstand continuous short strokes at pressures of 250 bar/3,625 psi and temperatures as low as -40°C/-40°F.