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Orkot® Marine Bearings

Orkot® Marine Bearings, manufactured and developed by Trelleborg, are the world’s leading composite bearings for the shipping and marine industries.

Orkot® Marine Bearings are manufactured from a unique synthetic composition incorporating solid lubricants for dry running to ensure outstanding wear life.

Supported by an extensive global network of manufacturing facilities and marketing companies, agents and distributors, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is able to offer service to the highest quality levels associated with a leading company within the marine industry.

Trelleborg Group has been active within the marine and shipping industries for over 25 years. Significant experience has been gained within the shipbuilding and offshore industries on a wide range of applications on board vessels.

Trelleborg’s solutions take advantage of innovative technology and materials to deliver improved durability and performance for the marine industry, onshore, offshore and ship-to-ship.