Capabilities | Liquid Silicone Rubber LSR | Trelleborg

LSR Multi-Component Solutions

Trelleborg offers countless options to develop solutions integrating two, three or even more components with LSR. This can provide a wealth of benefits:
  • Eliminates need for secondary seal/gasket assembly
  • Removes the risk and cost associated with
  • Secondary assemblies
  • Much greater design latitude for the developer
  • Robust and cost-effective design solutions
  • Eradicates potential leak paths
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for the customer

Substrates available

Depending on application, product design and process requirements, we draw from a broad range of substrates that we combine with LSR into a fully bonded component:

  • Dissimilar LSR types
  • Technical thermoplastics
  • Metals
  • Other types of hard or soft substrates

Simultaneous 2C LSR process

  • Our most outstanding capability otherwise referred to as 2K, 2shot, co-injection or rubber-to-plastic bonding
  • Available in many hard-soft and soft-soft combinations including multi-color and multi-hardness options
  • Robust and most efficient way of providing fully fit to purpose product in high volumes

 LSR overmolding

  • Combination of LSR with mostly plastic or metallic substrates
  • Robust and most efficient manufacturing
  • process for lower to medium volumes
  • Fully-bonded custom solutions produced in two steps
  • Available in a variety of hard-soft combinations

 Multi component options

  • LSR in combination with other substrates, completed in a combination of injection molding, assembly and other process steps
  • Customized systems and ready-to-use solutions


LSR Special Capabilities

Using our advanced LSR design and production capabilities, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a wealth of custom solutions.

Micro and nano technology

  • Components below 10 milligrams in weight
  • Flashless production made possible with Trelleborg’s needlepoint injection technology and fully automated parts handling

Thin sections

  • 0.10 mm / 0.004 inch or less
  • Ideal for thin membranes
  • Perfect consistency in thickness and quality
  • No pin holes

Delicate parts

  • Formed reliably every time
  • Flashless production made possible with special tool construction and automation