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Main Rotor and Gearbox Seals

We offer a wide selection of seals for use in rotary applications, such as the Main Mast Seal and Input and Output Shaft Seals. Our seals have been proven to operate in dusty environments and in a range of climate conditions.

HiSpin® PDR RT

HiSpin® PDR RT

Rotary seal with dry running capability for fast rotating axles.
  • Unique design to meet customer specifications
  • Turcon® sealing lips optimized for fast rotary speeds and low pressure conditions
  • Compatible with all engine oils and fuels
  • Proven performance at rotary speeds up to 60 m/s (196 ft/s)
  • Extremely low friction and wear
Transfer Shaft rubber Gaitor

Transfer Shaft rubber Gaitor

Rubber bellows and boots for protection of moveable links and joints.
  • Design to specification or to print
  • Designed for high flexibility and long service life
  • Compatibility with all commonly used greases and oils
HIMOD® Flat Gasket seals

HiMod® flat gasket

The Himod® series of gasket materials cover almost all needs for aircraft and engine gaskets. No tooling is required and we can cut a gasket into almost any shape using an Autocad or similar file format drawing.
  • High Temperature sealing capability (+1100 °C)
  • Several materials available
  • Long term thermal stability
  • Flexible cutting method allows for fast prototypes
  • Wide range of materials cover all engine oils and fuels
  • Simple 2D drawing required
Gearbox flange seals

Gearbox flange seals

This gearbox gasket plate with integral elastomer seals is a traditional and yet very effective way of providing a reliable flange seal.
  • Designed to specification or to print
  • Wide range of materials for compatability with all engine oils and fuels
  • Seal retained in a base plate for easy and safe installation
Pipe Flange Seal

Pipe Flange Seal

Limiter plates can be integrated into the seal design to ensure a precise positioning and a correct  compression of the seal.
  • High temperature sealing capability up to +1100°C / 2012°F
  • Design to specification (e.g. ABS XXX) or to print
  • Easy and precise installation
  • Design eliminates over compression of elastomer lip
Turcon® Varilip® PDR

Turcon® Varilip® PDR (Main Rotor Mast Seal)

Flexibility in design and size makes the Turcon® Varilip® PDR an ideal seal for unusual applications such as helicopter Main Rotor Mast seals.
  • Turcon® Varilip® PDR is available in any size and easily customized to fit specific environments
  • Grease sealing lip and scraping lip can be included in the design
  • Operationally proven in wide temperature range
  • Can be integrated into the hardware design and supplied as a fully assembled unit