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Dynamic Linear Seals

Standard Elastomers Seals

Standard O-Rings meeting challenging industry requirements

For static and slow dynamic situations, the O-Ring is the most commonly used seal, and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can supply virtually any size. They are available to meet all international standards such as AS568B, DIN3771, BS 1806/ BS 4518, JIS B2401, NFT47-501, SMS 1586 and ISO 3601 alongside seals produced in custom dimensions. Cost-effective, our wide range of specialized elastomers means O-Ring material can be matched to the specific needs of an application.

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FEP encapsulated O-Rings for higher chemical compatibility 

FEP O-Rings are an option when a seal with a higher level of chemical compatibility is required. These consist of an elastomer inner ring encapsulated within a seamless Tetrafluoroethylene-Hexafluoropropylene (FEP) sheath. The FEP outer layer gives chemical resistance similar to PTFE, while a core of either FKM or silicone provides elasticity. Compliant with FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 and 3-A standards, they are used in static, slow switching and rotary applications.
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QUAD-RING® to avoid twisting in the groove

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is the supplier of the original QUAD-RING®. This is a four-lipped seal with a specially developed sealing profile. In contrast to the O-Ring, the QUAD-RING® avoids twisting in the groove, has improved friction characteristics and gives higher sealing efficiency in some applications.
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FlexiMold™ giant seals – excellent integrity without a dedicated tool

With FlexiMold™ proprietary technology, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions manufactures giant high quality seals. Of superior quality to those fabricated as spliced seals or from extruded cord, they demonstrate the full visual and dimensional integrity of a molded product. Produced without the need of a dedicated tool, a flexible tool setup minimizes leadtimes and costs. Available in a wide range of elastomers, FlexiMold™ is recommended for O-Rings and other seal profiles over 500 mm/20 inches. They are supplied to standards ISO 3601-1, AS568 and JIS B 2401 and can be produced in almost infinite diameters.

Kantseal with high extrusion resistance

The Kantseal is a static seal with a square cross section. The Kantseal offers high extrusion resistance, minimal deformation and a good compression set.
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Flange gaskets specifically designed for hygienic pipe couplings in process systems

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has a range of standard flange gaskets specifically designed for hygienic pipe couplings in process systems. The gaskets are available in premium materials, and their excellent chemical resistance helps reduce downtime, improving production efficiency by extending seal life. They also minimize the risk of contamination and bacterial ingress, ensuring product purity.
Parts are available in both inch sizes according to ISO 2852 and metric sizes to DIN 32676.

Dynamic Linear Seals

A leader in fluid sealing

Turcon® Glyd Ring® and Turcon® Glyd Ring® T give excellent leakage control in piston and rod applications along with resistance to extrusion.

These double acting O-Ring energized seals are primarily for dynamic applications where they give high wear resistance. Their low friction characteristics give long life and prevent sticking even after extended periods of rest. Typical applications are high performance piston fillers and metering pumps for very viscous fluids.

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Stepseal® 2K enhances performance in cylinder applications

Achieving new levels in piston and rod sealing, the Turcon® Stepseal® 2K enhances efficiency in these applications.

With excellent extrusion resistance, it gives superior leakage control. It also has uniform, low friction characteristics throughout an extended life, and sticking is prevented, even after long periods of rest. With very good abrasion resistance, this seal is a good choice for sticky fluids such as syrups and in glues.

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Variseal® provides optimum aseptic sealing

Turcon® Variseal® is an extremely important product within bioprocessing, food, beverage and pharmaceutical production. Commonly installed in filling plants, where demands are high on cleanability, sterilization and hygienic design, it is field proven in such operating conditions. Designed to fit in existing O-Ring grooves, it can provide a very high level of integrity, even in aggressive system media and within cleaning regimes.

For static and dynamic applications, these seals demonstrate low-friction characteristics, leading to extended service life.

There are a wide variety of Turcon® Variseal® products. Choose from the following:

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Static Hygienic Seals

Specialized static seals for hygienic-design couplings

Filling equipment, processing and packaging machines consist of many parts that have to be connected together. Proper cleaning, usually Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) followed by Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) can only be achieved with hygienic design of the connection.

Gaskets and O-Rings in specialized materials

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers gaskets and O-Rings for the most common standards that apply to hygienic-design couplings, such as ISO 2852, DIN 11864 and DIN 32676. They are available in EPDM and FKM materials specifically engineered for hygienic-design coupling applications

Proven outstanding performance in tests

The three materials recommended for hygienic-design couplings, EPDM E7502 and FKMs V8605 and V8T41, underwent various tests, including immersion in 21 commonly used CIP fluids. The materials demonstrated outstanding performance with V8T41 giving exceptional results for a fluorocarbon sealing material. In addition, the material is also suitable for hot water and steam applications up to +170°C / +338°F.

Compliant with major standards

All of these materials are compliant to and tested against FDA, 21 CFR177.2600, 3-A, USP Class VI, as well as against cytotoxicity (USP and DIN EN ISO 10993-5) and conform to regulation (EC) 1935-2004.

Dynamic Rotary Seals

Specialized high performance rotary sealing products

Turcon® Variseal® and Turcon® Glyd Ring® for rotary situations

Turcon® Roto Variseal® and Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® have been specially adapted for rotary situations.

The Turcon® Roto Variseal®, with its V shaped ring, has a flanged heel which prevents the seal from rotating in the groove.

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Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® is double acting and suitable for rotating, oscillating and helically moving pistons, rods and shafts.

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Turcon® Varilip® PDR (Performance, Durability, Reliability) rotary shaft seals are constructed from one or multiple Turcon® PTFE based sealing elements which are mechanically retained in a precision machined metal body. The Turcon® sealing element provides positive dynamic sealing on the shaft, while the metal body gives a robust static seal against the housing, performing effectively at high rotary speeds. Characterized by low friction and stick-slip-free running, the seal reduces temperature generation, permits higher peripheral speeds and lowers power consumption. This results in a long-service life, with maximized mean time between planned maintenance and greater productivity.

Benefits of Turcon® Varilip® PDR include:

 Turcon® PTFE based sealing lip

  • Low-friction to facilitate reduced power loss and friction-induced heat
  • Unique self-lubricating hydrodynamic feature further reduces friction
  • Advanced geometries engineered to give excellent performance in almost every high-speed rotary situation
  • Multiple lip configurations to address most sealing needs
  • Material compatible with virtually all media
  • Available in FDA-compliant grades

Metal body

  • Durability in harsh environments
  • Effective sealing on static outer diameter
  • Resistance to thermal cycling
  • Choice of high-quality metals including stainless steel, aluminum and other specialized metals such as Hastelloy® or Titanium
  • High corrosion-resistance
  • Superior precision-machined finish for improved sealing on the static interface

Overall Turcon® Varilip® PDR seal

  • Contributes to a reduction in power consumption of equipment
  • High speed capability up to 100 meters per second / 19,680 feet per minute
  • Wide operating temperature range from -60° to +200°C/ -76° to +392°F
  • Options available for dry-running applications and for soft shafts
  • Retrofits in radial oil seal grooves
  • Unlimited shelf life with no special storage requirements

Engineered Seals

Engineered seals broaden application coverage



Scraper ASW in white Polyurethane