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Dynamic Linear Seals

Glyd Ring

Glyd Ring® with improved leakage control

Turcon® Glyd Ring® and Turcon® Glyd Ring® T give excellent leakage control in piston and rod applications along with resistance to extrusion.

These double acting O-Ring energized seals are primarily for dynamic applications where they give high wear resistance. Their low friction characteristics give long life and prevent sticking even after extended periods of rest. Typical applications are high performance piston fillers and metering pumps for very viscous fluids.

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Stepseal 2K

Stepseal® 2K enhances performance in cylinder applications

Achieving new levels in piston and rod sealing, the Turcon® Stepseal® 2K enhances efficiency in these applications.

With excellent extrusion resistance, it gives superior leakage control. It also has uniform, low friction characteristics throughout an extended life, and sticking is prevented, even after long periods of rest. With very good abrasion resistance, this seal is a good choice for sticky fluids such as syrups and in glues.

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Variseal® provides optimum aseptic sealing

Turcon® Variseal® is an extremely important product within bioprocessing, food, beverage and pharmaceutical production. Commonly installed in filling plants, where demands are high on cleanability, sterilization and hygienic design, it is field proven in such operating conditions. Designed to fit in existing O-Ring grooves, it can provide a very high level of integrity, even in aggressive system media and within cleaning regimes.

For static and dynamic applications, these seals demonstrate low-friction characteristics, leading to extended service life.

There are a wide variety of Turcon® Variseal® products. Choose from the following:

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